Map Of Antum

Mormon Chapters 1 & 2

  • Ammaron lived north of Zarahemla. The land Antum and the hill Shim were north of Zarahemla.
  • Mormon was carried by his father south to Zarahemla when he was 11. (322 AD) The last battle of the Nephites occurred in 385 AD making Mormon 74 years old.
  • That same year a war began Nephites and Lamanites in the boarders of Zarahemla by the waters of Sidon (east of Zarahemla.)
  • The Nephites are driven north to the city of Angola and the land of David.
  • Nephites were then driven out of the land of David to the land of Joshua, which was in the borders west by the seashore. Nephites then flee unto the land of Jashon which was near the land where Ammaron had deposited the records.
  • Nephites are then driven northward to the land of Shem.